Summer Workshop

July 10th – August 4th, Monday–Friday from 9:30am – 4:00pm 

Enroll for as many weeks as you like. 

Early Drop Off: 9:00am - $5 per day (to be paid at drop-off in cash) 


4-6 year olds - $750 per week

7-12 year olds - $700 per week 


Sibling Discount: 20% Twin Discount: 50% 

Early Bird Discounts - Enroll before April 1st : Currently enrolled MMAC Kids families - 15% off (Discount will be deducted automatically at checkout…no promo code needed) 

Non-enrolled families – 10% off Promo code: CatchTheWorm (Promo code is only needed for non-enrolled students.) 

Lunch: To be provided by parents or lunchboxes can be purchased through our café. No nut products are allowed. 

When registering for summer please make sure to read the class name carefully, in order to ensure that you are registering for the correct week(s). When enrolling for multiple weeks, you must add each week to your cart individually before you checkout.  

Early Bird Discounts are applicable until April 1st. If you are currently enrolled in the MMAC Kids program then your discount will be applied at checkout automatically.  If you are not currently enrolled in the MMAC Kids program that you will need to enter the promo code CatchTheWorm at checkout.

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4-6 Year Olds

4-6 Year Old 


Your little Star will have an amazing time bringing their favorite stories to life in our StoryBook Play and Art Workshop. Each day the class will enter a new StoryBook world based on our weekly theme. Through imagination and props, the class will jump into the pages and act out parts. They will love flying on Aladdin’s magic carpet or Climbing up Jack’s Beanstalk. And what would a trip be without a souvenir? Each day the kids will create art crafts that will remind them of their amazing journey. Who doesn’t want a snowglobe with Elsa and Anna and who wouldn’t be proud to bring home their very own rocket ship? 

Week 1: Fairytale Adventures 

Week 2: Space Adventures 

Week 3: Adventures with Animals 

Week 4: Adventures Around The World

In addition, the kids will also take part in two varying performance arts classes each day. These classes may include but are not limited to ballet, hip-hop, tumbling, or yoga. We are also happy to be adding sports classes led by EPIC Sports!

7-12 Year Olds

7-12 Year Olds


Your Star will learn to sing, dance and act in our popular Broadway Here I Come class. In this intensive children will experience the world of theater through dance choreography, acting, musical theater training, and vocal exercises. Each week will culminate in a fun Broadway Inspired performance for family and friends. 

Each afternoon the kids will also take part in 2 varying classes. These classes may include but are not limited to ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, circus arts, and yoga. We are also happy to be adding sports classes led by Epic Sports. 


Why is the younger group more expensive?

The younger group is more expensive in order to cover the cost of art supplies and props that will be purchased.

My child is 6 but really advanced for their age, can they join the older group?

While your child may be a star and advanced for their age, it is important to us to separate the groups and the age groups pure. The older group will have lots of script reading, so advanced readers are needed. We want to be fair to everyone and so special requests like these will not be honored. We promise that the younger group will have an amazing time.

Can we only sign up for a few days a week? Can we sign up for a partial day (leave early)?

No, we will not prorate pricing. You must enroll for a full week and a full day. However, you can pick up your child whenever you like.

When will my child (older group) be performing?

Each Friday the older group will put on a performance within the 3 o'clock hour. Exact times will be sent out each Wednesday and you will need to RSVP so that we know how many people to expect. If you cannot make the performance, we will record it and make it available for you and your family to share.