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Beginning Tap

Dancers will be introduced to basic tap vocabulary, rhythms, steps, combinations and choreography. Students will work on listening skills and will develop their sense of rhythm and musicality while strengthening their tap sounds, quality and clarity. A full tap dance will be performed in the end of semester showcase.

Hip Tots

For our youngest dancers who wanna get down with the best of them. 3 to 4 year olds will be finding their rhythm while doing some creative movements. 


This class will inspire your child to explore movement with emotion and attitude, and will serve as an introduction to the popular urban dance form known as Hip-Hop. Children will learn fundamentals of breakin,’ popping/locking, street jazz, battling, and funk. Every student will be encouraged to add their own personality and style to the class and will be nurtured through individual attention. 

Intermediate Tap

Our most dedicated tappers will be invited to participate in these rigorous classes, aimed to rapidly excel technique, speed of sounds and performance skills. These dancers may be invited to attend dance competitions and will perform a full tap dance in the end of semester showcase.

Pre-Ballet (2 - 3 year olds)

With Care Giver and Drop off

Our goal is to instill a love for dance, movement and music in your little one! Ballet positions and terminology are introduced while students begin to discover their sense of balance, develop gross motor skills and explore rhythm and musicality through the use of games, songs and props, all in a nurturing and fun environment. These classes do not participate in showcase performances, though they are welcome to watch.

Pre-Ballet (3-4 and 4-5 year olds)

This 45-minute class introduces and builds on basic ballet vocabulary, and the positions, shapes and movements of dance, while introducing the basic components of a dane class—warming up, free-range movement in the center of the room, and across-the-floor movement. Children will experience individual and group dance time with different types of music and rhythm. One full ballet dance will be performed in the end of semester showcase.

Pre-Ballet (6-7 year olds)

This class begins to move toward the longer Preparatory Ballet class by incorporating more specific ballet vocabulary, combining movements, and introducing barre work. Children will continue their exploration of different rhythms, music, choreographic combinations and spatial movement.

Pre-Ballet/Tap Combo

Our popular 1 hour class introduces students to both basic tap and ballet techniques. Typically, the first 20-25 minutes are spent tapping up a sweat. Then, children quickly change their shoes (with a little assistance from the teacher if necessary) and stretch for about 10 minutes. Then we transition into ballet. Both tap and ballet portions consist of center work and across the floor. If time permits, some basic tumbling and strengthening exercises will be incorporated. The class ends with a traditional ballet reverance. Both a full ballet dance and a full tap dance will be performed in the end of semester showcase.

Preparatory Ballet

Building on the previous levels of Pre-Ballet, this 60-minute class fine-tunes the basic ballet positions and steps and starts challenging young dancers to connect the movements in fuller dance phrases to music. The ultimate goal of this class is to help prepare the young dancer for more intensive ballet training and possible transition into the Manhattan Youth Ballet program. The class format involves basic ballet barre, stretching, center and across the floor combinations and choreography. Students may be invited to attend dance competitions and will perform a full ballet dance in the end of semester showcase.

NOTE: All classes are subject to change.